Most of the images I post on the blog as stand alone images are done with the 3D drawing program Bryce5. I did the picture at the top of the blog using Bryce5. I have been a life long photographer getting my first camera with boxtops at the age of four. I worked as a professional in my twenties but would have preferred to paint if I had any skill at drawing. Bryce5 takes care of the drawing skill leaving me to create landscapes to my heart’s content. There is still scope for skill and my photographic experience gives me a sense of composition. Using a program like Bryce is somewhere between photography and painting. You start with a given point of view and everything is in perspective automatically like photography but you get to add things one by one to the image as with painting. In that way it is just the opposite of photography where you start with everything – including the telephone wires – and try to simplify in the direction of visual strength and clarity. Bryce allows you to build the image selectively and consciously. I find I need to temper my mostly left brained activity with some right brained creativity – hence the regular images on days when I have no written post.