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Lizard is the creation of Perth designer Barry Kubank. Since Barry wants to eventually publish Lizard in a book he retains all rights to his cartoons but you are free, nay encouraged, to use Lizard on your own web site if you keep the copyright notice intact and include a link to Yankeewombt every time you use a Lizard cartoon.

Barry is a native of Western Australia where he trained in design. He and his Partner Pam Spackman run Kubank Designs a custom clothing design business in Subiaco, a inner suburb of Perth. Barry is quite apolitical and decidedly computer resistant, technologically preferring a good old fashioned sewing machine to anything with chips in it.

Initially I am publishing Barry’s ‘Spot the Introvert’ series which is a good introduction to Lizard, but believe me Lizard can and will get up to all manner of things. For now, I’ll be posting them every week at the weekend.