Holy Cow – Windows 7

I’ve decided to start blogging here again with short posts, while putting my main blogging effort in at newmediatheory.net.Yes, former readers I will opine politically, but not this time.

That said, I’ve been using Windows 7 since last night. I’m stunned at how good it is so far. It is beginning to show real integration with the way humans work. Download a file and it doesn’t get dumped on the desktop – it goes into the downloads folder. Vista had that, but in Win 7,  when you go look for the file there is a Downloads shortcut waiting for you in the Explorer sidebar.  Vista by the way put Downloads not in MyDocuments, which had been the top level data folder in Widnows forever, but under a user name folder like Unix. It took a while to find my first downloaded file, but I was cool with that – it made sense because I use Linux all the time. But I also can handle MyDocuments being the top level folder and Downloads being under it. Like most people, when I download something I want to go to it directly. And I don’t want to have to move it after I’m done with it.

I’ve also noticed that the task bar has an icon for open explorer windows – so when I am copying files from one place to another I can hover my cursor over it and see both windows and then click on them to bring them up. You can also see a thumbnail of the progress bar without bringing it up to check on the progress of a long copy operation – the kind you often have with a new installation.  The thumbnails are bigger than on Vista – bit enough to identify – and also can be closed down directly when you are finished with them. Another step saved. Best of all all these features were effortless – I discovered them following the path of least resistance. This OS is helping me work – out of the box. Holy Cow, Microsoft.

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