The Golden Centre


I bought a computer in the mid eighties at the Golden Centre in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. It is a bunch of small shops – stalls really – on the second floor of an old building in Fuk Wa Street. If memory serves the computer I bought was an early IBM Clone with an 8088 processor and an ‘irregal ROM’ containing ‘key parts’ of IBM’s proprietary Basic language to ensure that their hardware didn’t get cloned. It worked so well that IBM clones eventually drove IBM out of the PC buisness and nearly did for Apple too. So I went back today for old times sake and to nose around and see if I could find the Chinese Han Lin eBook reader.


A customer looks at a PC with a 120 Gig HDD costing about HK8000

No bargains like the old days. And no one knew about the reader nor did I see any, but it is easy to miss things in that environment. I recently bought an Asus eee PC in Australia for A$500. It was going for just about the same price less our 10% GST or about US$450. It sells for $399 in the US. In general the prices were pretty much the same as US prices. Still, it was great fun. It would be great to have a market likethat available with dozens of motherboards on display at on4e shop,and even more video cards at another. Shops that specialize in RAM and others that just sell cases and power supplies. Yet others that just have printers and scanners, notebooks, monitors.

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