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Richard Landes in The Brits Pig out on Anti-zionism: How Europe Commits Suicide at Augean Stables wonders what is behind the kind of one sided debate put on by the Oxford Union where the pro Israel team is made up of antisemites.

It’s hard to figure out which plays more, whether they can’t stand another point of view, or whether they’re so addicted to hearing nasty things about the Zionists, that they just can’t gobble down enough? It’s like having the New England Patriots have the ball the whole game….

I too have been thinking about it for years and I agree there is both a need to stifle other points of view and a clear appetite for and enjoyment of, the discomfiture of Israel (and the United States). Some Australian ‘friends’ clearly manifest such enjoyment around the barbie. Being that I am American, but not Jewish, I get the anti American side more, but of course, they still sent me those pictures of the smallish mushroom cloud that ‘proved’ the Bali bomb was an Israeli mininuke. When they revealed to me that the Bushhitler had caused the tsunami (surely you all remember THAT) I retorted in my best NY accent hoping to sound a bit Jewish, “Sure, Bush has got a big Stirling silver button under his desk and all he has to do is step on it when he wants to unleash and earthquake or a tsunami.” Interestingly, that worked. They shut up about the tsunami. I suspect because it disrupted their projection process. Norm Geras (Normblog Feb 9, 2006) quoted George Galloway saying that Gorgeous George was assigning the role of the working classes in classical Marxist thought to (I’d call it projecting onto) the Islamic terrorists.

“Islam is the last unconquered territory. The Soviet Union is defeated. Socialism is defeated. Nationalism is depressed. But, Islam is unconquered. And because Islam commands the believer to reject injustice and tyranny, this makes Islam automatically in a collision course with these tyrants, Bush and Blair. And, Islam has millions of soldiers. Millions of soldiers to resist this globalisation.”

Richard Landes is quite aware of the Marxist blueprint behind the fun:

By appealing to the moral Schadenfreude that anti-Zionism seems to offer (especially) to the Europeans, it makes it virtually impossible for the consumer of this discourse to identify and defend against their real enemy: global Jihad. It’s so much fun to see the Israelis as cruel colonizing oppressors of a plucky Palestinian national liberation movement (PCP2), that acknowledging the forces of global Jihad behind the secular (Marxist) facade, would just spoil the fun.

Norm’s observation shows the etiology of how the ‘secular Marxist facade’ has adapted itself like a resistant bacteria. Galloway reveals himself to be in the vanguard of Marxist thought when he admits the defeat of socialism. Many, more ordinary folk, still believe that Marx was right – just implemented by bad people. A well meaning chap literally told me exactly that the day before yesterday. But that is the old etiology. Galloway represents the current adaptation which is based, ironically on a kind of re-eruption of primitive tribal thinking in the modern secular mind. We see the modern secular mind, which decries tribalism, fall into a real and disordered tribalism when it papers over the barbarity of the Islamic fanatics with its fantasy vision of an embattled proletariat overcoming the class enemy. The role of class enemy is of course assigned to or projected onto the Jews or the Americans or both depending on the situation. It is no great feat – there is plenty of cultural DNA available for the task from Stalin down to Hugo Chavez. Together, these two projections lead to the mind boggling orientalism of failing to notice the indiscriminate murderous intent of the Islamic fanatics towards the secular left as well as the hated Jews and Americans. Or as Osama so charmingly put it in 2003, “Socialists are infidels, wherever they are.”

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  1. 1 richard landes

    there’s an excellent book out on anti-americanism by Andrei Markowitz, with a chapter on the link between anti-americanism and anti-zionism — Uncouth Nation: Why Europe Dislikes America, to which i guess we can add the anglophone nations like Canada and Australia. What’s so shocking is how dangerous such indulgences are at a time like this.

    Do you have some links to the Bush-tsunami, Israel-Bali bombing? I’m very interested in conspiracy thinking.


  2. 2 admin

    You had me worried that I might not have the original emails and I am still worried about that, but google will do to start:

    Will do to start. The late Joe Vialls was a Western Australia and, well, quite a guy. What takes my breath away is his absolute conviction and how he just can go a go like the energizer bunny.

    I’ll poke through my old emails for more. I know there was a more ‘serious’ article on the Tsunami.

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