Land O’ Goshen!!

I don’t usually react quickly to breaking stories, but I first ran across news of the suicide bombing of the Yezidi in Northern Iraq that killed at least 200 on the web page of WCCO – a local Minneapolis TV station I’ve held open to keep up with the latest on the bridge collapse. The Yedizi are a small Iraqi sect – neither Muslim nor Christian who’s belief system contains elements of both religions and beliefs that predate them. Michale Yon wrote about them here in the past and here tonight from Bali. The video from WCCO is here, but is unremarkable except for the ending. It reports the suicide bombings of the Yezidi and the number of US Soldiers killed today in Iraq and then the total killed in the war. All to to the familiar formula. And then it does something refreshingly new. It finishes by pointing out that increased attacks are likely to occur because of al Qaeda attempts to manipulate events going into General Petraeus’ September report to Congress. After four years probably even the mice in Minnesota know that, but it sure is nice to see the media acknowledge it.

“Land ‘o Goshen!!” I said to Miss Hyacinth. She batted her eyes at me and replied. “Why just think what could happen if the American people, the blogosphere and the MSM got themselves onto the same page. “

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