Wikipedia Gets My Vote

I have been fighting off a cold so blogging is a bit like trying to think with head full of molasses. I’ll keep it light today. Imagine my delight when I opened up my Florida absentee ballot. Right there near the top of the ballot for House of Representatives was Mark Foley. I know Nelson has the Senate seat locked up, but all I had read about Foley – relevant to the election that is – was that there was some precedent for a substitute candidate. Its a bit much to expect reprinting of absentee ballots that have to go out to the furthest corners of the globe – Perth Western, Australia being about as far as you can get from South Florida without facing an infestation of penguins.

What to do? Vote for the Democrat because Foley is a world champion hypocrite? Well, no not after the good people of Massachusetts had voted Mr. Studd back into office several times after being caught actually stupping a 17 year old page in 1983. Not vote at all, or vote for Foley anyhow because his vote might count for a substitute candidate? Wikipedia to the rescue! Here is an excellent example of having a rapidly updated online encyclopedia.

Shortly after Foley resigned, the Florida Republican Party named State Representative Joe Negron to run as the Republican replacement candidate in Foleys district.[41] He will face Democrat Tim Mahoney in the November general election, but in accordance with Florida election law, Foleys name will remain on the ballot. [42] Any votes cast for Foley in the November election will be counted towards Negrons total.[43] Mahoney has called for a full investigation of Foleys actions.[44] Foley’s district has been held by Republicans since its creation in 1973 (it was the 10th District until 1983 and the 12th District until 1993).

I ended up voting for Foley because I agree with Glen Reynolds and a lot of other people that the Republicans have earned a good hiding but the Democrats don’t deserve to win.

Of Foley I will say this. At least he resigned. When I marked the ballot for him I did so because he had done the right thing when caught and I didn’t think his party should suffer for it. I don’t think I would have if he was still in Congress trying to weasel his way out of it. And because of the parallel hypocrisy of the Democrats in making a big stink over it. I end up as annoyed with the stink makers as I do the miscreant. I felt that way about the even larger stink Ken Star and the Republicans made over Bill spoiling Monica’s blue dress. I also have some sympathy for Foley as a human being – not as a congressman – when it came out since his resignation that he had been molested by a priest while serving as an alter boy. Pretending to be a man of God while stupping the alter boys is a hypocrisy even greater than Mark Foley’s. When we send our sons and daughters off to Washington to be pages and interns and the like we know there are risks attached. DC is not known as Sodom on Potomac for nothing.

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