World Domination

Even I am astonished at how much the western media are twisting the Pope’s recent words to stir up the Muslim street. Even though our primary media is a form of theater with roots going back to the Greeks, I sometimes forget the lengths to which the media will go to create drama. David Warren a columnist for the Ottawa Citizen characterizes the state of play this way:

From now on, the reporting will be about the Muslim rage, and whether the Vatican has apologized yet. That is the drama the media will seek to capture — the drama of the cockfight — because they know no better kind. That the Pope said nothing intrinsically objectionable will be overlooked, in deference to the Muslim rage, just as the media hid the Danish cartoons from their viewers — preventing them from discovering how mild they were.

Evidently the Pope spent most of his speech attacking the current Western orthodoxy – modern secularism – which would put him in even worse odor with the press than he is already. I can’t say I share Benedict’s religion or theology but I don’t see him as bad simply because he is a conservative Roman Catholic. What he has done is referred in a scholarly way to a scholarly debate from the 15th century over divergent philosophical bases – Greek and Persian – that touches on the issue of forced conversions. The focus is on different conceptions of God – the Greek idea that God is by nature reasonable and the Islamic view that God is not limited by any human category such as reason. The Pope was discussing a real difference between the two faiths in a temperate manner and those that disagree with him are not justified in rioting and burning down churches any more than every time an Immam issues a fatwa I find offensive I am justified in going out and burning down a Mosque.

I have read many summaries and interpretations of his speech around the blogsphere but none better than that by an old friend from Columbia University who happens to be a very genuine and conscientious Christian, although not a Roman Catholic. He wrote the following Letter to the Editor of the Kansas City Star which I reproduce here with his permission. :

I am not a Roman Catholic and I do not agree with the Pope’s teachings on many issues. In his highlighting a very critical difference between Christianity and Islam, however, I can only congratulate him on his courage and honesty. In the face of all the ecumenical talk and politically correct posturing, we tend to politely ignore the fact that Christianity and Islam have the same ultimate conflicting goal, world domination as a faith system.
The difference is that Christians are Scripturally led to conversion through suasion and example while many Muslims feel they can justify jihad, the way of the sword. In the past Christians certainly strayed from Scripture in that way and they justified their misdirected zeal in their time. Among modern nations, however, only the world of Islam now fails to recognize the terrible price of such a travesty of faith in God. It has been a hard lesson but true that those who bow to the sword are not converted, they are enslaved.

Like my friend, I have read several commentators who are honest about Christianity’s past and they all acknowledge that Christianity practiced forced conversion in the past. But what I really value in my friends letter are the words ” Christianity and Islam have the same ultimate conflicting goal, world domination as a faith system.” Indeed – it is about power, and worldly power at that. The faux controversy has nothing to do with God and everything to do with power. Forced conversion is a way of gaining numbers just as is having more children that one’s rivals. From a reading of the Pope’s actual remarks I think his intent was to bring an old debate between the two faiths about the nature of God into focus by quoting an old discussion of that topic. That activity seems to me to fall well within his job description. The press I believe perceive him as an enemy because he challenges their modern secularism and moral relativism and are out to get him. Personally I am not entirely in agreement with either the press or the Pope in this debate and see some good on both sides – but that is another story. But I believe that there is a temporary alliance of convenience between many in the West and the Islamists and so the press chooses to stir up violence among Muslims in order to further its attacks on its perceived enemies. I think this is err…immoral and massively shortsighted and stupid.

David Warren reaches a more elegant view toward the end of the column I quoted above:

The manufacture of grievances, to justify strident demands for their redress, is the tyrants stock-in-trade. It is what took Adolf Hitler to power over the Germans, and it is what todays Islamic fanatics depend upon to control the Muslims, and push them towards an apocalyptic jihad against the West. Moreover, the basic tactic of bullying is to demand apologies for exaggerated or imaginary offences. It is to make the decent kneel before the indecent.

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  1. 1 John

    I liked your post. And yes it is all about world domination.

    Monotheistic religions with their one “true” way plus worldly power always results in the motive to domination of others.
    Monotheism is actually a “profoundly” reductionist ego created and ego serving (both individual and collective)charicature of the Indivisible Oneness of Real God. The tribal ego projected on to the world stage.

    My favourite “philosopher” made this concise observation re the ancient cults.

    “What is commonly recognised and sometimes defended as religion in our Age is only the most superficial and factional and often dim-minded and perverse expression of ancient national and tribal cultism.”

    Also chapter 14 of this reference provides a comment on the origins & consequences of the would be world conquering MEMES of the entirely exoteric POLITICAL “religions” of Islam and Christianity.

    This essay provides insight into the creation & function of the Christian idol–jesus. It is also equally applicable to Islamic idolatry. 2.

    This essay provides an outrageous and thoroughly true critique of the posturings of popes, cardinals, bishops. And the horrors they inevitably foster!! Also applicable to Islamic exoteric authorities.

    This essay provides a unique non cultic description of the qualities of Real God 4.

    And as always this essay is still very much applicable to the future of the world in this era of universal insanity.

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