My Blue Heaven


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While not consciously modeled on the southern coast of Western Australia in the Autumn, this image has some of the feeling of the Southern Ocean. Even in Summer its chill winds and icy water never let you forget that there is nothing but open sea between you and Antarctica.

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  1. 1 John Kyneton Victoria

    Lorenz, I lived for 10 years in a cottage overlooking the Southern Ocean and the eastern fringes of King George Sound. I could see the lighthouse. It was a place called Nanarup about 20 kilometres east of Albany.
    I used to go for a walk there every day. More often than not I was the only one there during the winter months. The beach was over a kilometre long. There was also a part at the western end which was sheltered from the kind. It was an excellent and very safe spot to go swimming.

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