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Richard Fernandez (Wretchard) of the Belmont Club brings a historian’s perspective to some of the more simplistic thinking being put about by both left and right regarding the unfolding of events in Iraq. The whole thing, as they say, is well worth a read. Without detracting a whit from the unique contributions of General Petraeus [...]

Giving ‘em Hell

Michael O’Hanlon has an opinion piece in USA Today that reminds me of the old Democratic party that I used to support. The first Democrat I remember is Harry Truman and what I remember about him is that he gave ‘em hell. Truman earned that1948 victory grin in the last campaign to be fought from [...]

Flour and Cooking Oil

The NY Times reports the recent defeat of Chavez’s constitutional reforms as if an ordinary socialist or social democratic president has been checked at the polls. For nine years, a combination of populist politics and rising oil prices have propelled Mr. Chávez’s socialist program for Venezuela with an almost inexorable momentum. On Sunday, his country [...]

Information War – The Sharp End

Not only are there specialized terrorist media groups operating under the command of ‘media Emirs’ in Iraq, special forces are being used to hunt them out. Bill Roggio gives us background in this 28 Nov post: Multinational Forces Iraq began to heavily target al Qaeda’s media apparatus over the summer of 2007. The capture of [...]