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Anatomy of a Revolution

Linux caught my attention from the time is was a command line only operating system. The idea that a free operating system could be built by volunteers on the Internet led by Linus Torvalds fascinated me. I was no programmer, just an observer – a fan even. It was like discovering a Cinderella team and [...]

Musharraf’s Coup

Despite Bill Roggio reporting an eroding situation in Pakistan’s Tribal Territories and within Pakistan itself for the past few years I responded with some optimism to Benazir’s Bhutto’s return and her strong speech after a Taliban attempt on her life. Furthermore, I hoped that a report by Syed Saleem Shahzad claiming a Pakistani Army offensive [...]

The Line

In my recent post Stirling Silver Button I talked about the particularly absurd conspiracy theory that asserts President Bush caused the 2004 tsunami by setting off a nuke in the Sumatra trench. Richard Landes picked it up and asked me from some links to it. I found a collection of links here and Richard wrote [...]