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Perilous Times In Pakistan

President Mushaaraf has been reelected and according to this Reuters report it looks like Pakistan’s supreme court will validate his reelection by the outgoing parliament. Even though I follow events in Pakistan closely Canadian columnist David Warren’s October 3rd column surprised me by asserting that controlling Pakistan is the real goal of the war in [...]

Mission Accomplished?

The Sunni Awakening, combined with the surge, has genuinely changed the situation in Iraq and so profoundly that it is difficult to get a good overview free from the emotions and more or less fixed views that have characterized the debate on the war. Bartie Bull, writing in Commentary provides a very useful one in [...]

Never Again?

The current renewal of interest in the al Durrah affair has been triggered by a trial in the French courts which revolves around accusations that the film of the death of a 12 year old Palestinian boy aired by France 2 in 2000 was staged. The court will apparently order the release of the 23 [...]

Pallywoond – With a Twist

In Missing at the Jerusalem Post Roger Simon wrote about a recent story of an honor killing in the Gaza strip that was mysteriously withdrawn from the paper’s website. An adjacent comment section remained for a while and then it too disappeared. The video showed the brutal murder of a young girl, but the blogoshpere [...]