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A Free-Will Offering

My sister sent me an article entitled Analyzing Iraq Optimists by Janet Elder, from the New York Times suggesting I might find it interesting. Yes, given the title and the extent to which I am optimistic enough about Iraq to not think of myself as a pessimist. I wasn’t disappointed. It turns out that these [...]

The Chowchilla Incident

Richard Landes responding to a reader’s comment to this post on the remarkable prevalence of post 9/11 conspiracy theory particularly in France and Germany asks: “How does a millennial discourse go from the margins to the center of a culture?” Here is the comment that triggered the question: When individuals experience intolerable levels of anxiety [...]

A National NY Post?

Don Suber asks the question here “Might the New York Post use that Dow-Jones News Service and those Wall Street Journal presses to take the New York Post national?” As a New Yorker long resident in Australia I know that Murdoch’s national paper in Australia – The Australian – is very well done. The WSJ [...]

Sunday Picture

Zimbabwe – The End?

When I became involved in a venture in Zimbabwe in the late nineties the Zimbabwean dollar was at 12 to one US dollar. It soon went to 55 to 1 where the government tried to peg it but c0ntinued to print money forcing the black market exchange rate steadily upward. The last time in left [...]

Sometimes Narratives Change

Addendum: Cobb has a Charlie Rose interview up with John Burns and Tom Ricks of the Washington Post here. Burns reiterates what he said to Hugh Hewitt and Ricks has further information of various withdrawal scenarios. Well worth viewing, plus a segment on Chinese investment. In an article in the NY Times entitled A War [...]