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The Quick and the Dead

Brevity is the Soul of Wit: This cartoon by Chris Muir sums up the recent controversy about Iraq war reporting as only a cartoon can: It directly addresses how is it that the premier news organizations – AP and Reuters – would too quickly publish a completely false story but ignore a real one. Chirs [...]

Che Lives!!

Griselda the Magnificent, spy extraordinaire, sends this snap from Paris catching George Bush and Che Guevara of Medecins Pour Terrorisme (Hey, nice job in London and Glasgow this week, guys) plotting to corner the world magnesium supply causing night cramps and general dismay. (Crossposted at Meatworks)

Blackfive, one of the premier milbogs, has been reporting this story of Iraqi clergy meeting with US Military chaplains for a while. It may seem as noteworthy as a ecumenical picnic to many but Iraq is a place where religion and religious leaders are far more important that we in the West are accustomed to [...]

The breadth and strength of European anti Semitism and anti Americanism surprises me sometimes. I can understand the Germans – America’s actions were twice critical in their defeat. It wasn’t until I read this talk by Bat Ye’Or that I realized I had failed to grasp the breadth and strength of the European vision for [...]