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The Narrative is Always Right!

Akaky of The Passing Parade commented on my recent post, ‘The Narrative Was Right’ about the misuse of the idea of narrative in news reporting thus: The narrative is always right, because if it isn’t then the media would have to re-examine its prejudices, and what’s the point of having prejudices if you have to [...]

Religion and History

In a comment to his own post about al Qaeda recruitment policies Wretchard of The Belmont Club talks about the possibility that extreme Islam may eventually fracture into different sects if the history of religion is anything to go by. I think it’s an organization of a sort, and an although its been described as [...]

The Chinese

The Chinese treatment of Tibet has always repelled me and puts an absolute limitation on any admiration I might have for the Communist regime in Beijing – no matter how capitalist and successful they become. It is therefore with feelings of considerable irony I find myself sympathizing with the Chinese over reports of the escalation [...]

Iron Youth

“What has Kantorek written to you?” Muller asks him. He laughs. “We are the Iron Youth.” We all three smile bitterly. Kroop rails: he is glad that he can speak. Yes, that’s the way they think, these hundred thousand Kantoreks! Iron Youth! Youth! We are none of us more than twenty years old. But young? [...]

The Narrative Was Right?

The Duke rape case has become a cause celebre in the Blogosphere quite properly because reverse racial prejudice on the part of the prosecutor, a group of Duke faculty, and the media portrayed well to do white Lacrosse players raping a poor black woman which turned out was contrary to the facts. The distortions were [...]

Anthony Jay has a highly perceptive essay on liberal media bias – particularly the BBC – at the UK Telegraph which is more than worth reading, not just for its specific content, but for it’s unusual analysis of the role of media in our modern society. Just a taste to encourage you to read the [...]

The Democrats and the War

In trying to fathom the oppositional behavior of the Democrats on the Iraq war I have said previously that I think American interests are such that they will not allow Iraq to descend into chaos even if they win both houses of congress and the presidency in 2008. Both Hilary and Obama have talked about [...]

War in the Living Room

J. D. Johannes has a post up at Tech Central Station How al Qaeda is Winning Even as it is Losing that proposes a statistical method by which media bias can be measured. He makes no great claims for it but he follows the fundamental rules of scientific research in that he discloses his assumptions [...]

The Red Mosque

Last night the best source I found for regular updates of the breaking story of the Pakistani military’s attack on the Red Mosque was Metroblogging Pakistan. I followed a link from independent blogger Bill Roggio’s article on the beginning of the military attack. Leading MSM sources were reporitng the same facts about the initial assault [...]


Wikipedia is the highly successful on line encyclopedia that, surprisingly, anyone can edit. You can go there right now and add anything you like – say that a new atomic particle has been discovered and that it is a pink rabbit. It wont last long because there are people who constantly watch for that sort [...]