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The Future of War Coverage

Financial consultant and former marine officer Robert Haddick has a biting and dark view of the future of war correspondents entitled, Journalists, Your’re in the Army Now, here. I think there is great value in looking at the dark side of things and Haddick faces some issues squarely that I have not seen taken on [...]

Riepl’s Law

Commonly cited in media circles in Germany according to Wikipedia, Riepl’s law states that new media don’t replace existing ones. Instead, the older media learn to coexist by changing their focus to accommodate the newcomer. In an excellent article on The Future of Journalism, Mathias Dopfner, head of the Axel Springer publishing group, cites Riepl [...]

The Invisible Hand of Excellence

Excellence is where you find it. In this case a dispatch from Michael Yon from Hit, Anbar province, in Iraq. For me it is the best single dispatch I have read in this long difficult war and speaks volumes about the nature of independent journalism and what we are learning about it. Learning as we [...]

New Media vs Old Media

Berkeley journalism professor Neil Henry has an article in The San Francisco Chronicle entitled The Decline in News. It is very much a defense of the traditional media and an attack on the new media – particularly giants like Yahoo and Google. I see a world in which the pursuit of truth in service of [...]