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I have not focused very much on the French elections but as I read about Sarkozy’s victory I am getting the impression that the election heralds a major change in French politics. As an Australian I can’t help but notice that the French are getting serious about labor market reform. In Australia we began moving [...]

One of things that Yankeewombat gets to see is how much the electorate in Australia resembles the electorate in the United sates. The obvious answer is – not much. Different constitutions, different systems. But there are two points of convergence. The low esteem in which politicians are held in both countries and the uncanny knack [...]

Before I attack the US Army for their new restrictions on Milblogs I want to provide the following caveat. There is a big offensive on right now – perhaps the critical offensive of the war – and we do not know if Milblogs have actually done any harm to operational security. Maybe they have. Maybe [...]

A View From the Right

Discouraging commentary about Iraq from the MSM or from the Blogospheric left is unsurprising. When someone calling themselves Right Wing Nuthouse puts up a post entitled Time is Now the Biggest Enemy in Iraq it’s a different kettle of fish. The propritor, Rick Moran, opens with: I hate writing posts like this. Since I don’t [...]