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An Astute Criticism

It is ironic that the critiques of the Bush administration I find most penetrating come from the right, not the left side of politics. I discussed Australian conservative Owen Harries work here. Now I find an excellent diagnosis of the US’s errors in Iraq from Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick writing at Townhall. In the [...]

The Yellow Submarine

William Powers of the National Journal (Hat tip Austin Bay) has an article that addresses the changing form of the media environment. In response to a new satellite radio channel devoted entirely to the US Presidential campaign he says “specialization is the name of the game in satellite radio, which is a kind of metaphor [...]

They Just Don’t Get It

I found this interview of Bill Roggio by Christian Science Monitor reporter Mike Chinni here. It is worth reading the whole thing to see the overall context to see that I have not excerpted it in an unfair fashion. What seems obvious to me as an observer of the media is that the press for [...]

Bill Roggio has started a new news service called PMI (Public Multimedia Inc.). Starting from writing about the war for family and friends a few years ago, Bill has become a major figure in the Blogosphere because of his outstanding reporting on the Iraq war. He has a military background and the special ability to [...]

Impossible Anachronism

Max Boot published an email from a Lt. Colonel Miska here last week. What struck me was the time frame in which he saw the Iraq conflict. How long, you ask? I am on my second tour following a year in Tikrit from 2004-2005. A realistic goal is to have stabilized this region by the [...]

If you have some difficulty, as I do, in seeing President Bush as being as dangerous and wrong as Hitler perhaps it is because of a failure to appreciate the world view that gives rise to this perception. I’ve heard it called folk or cultural Marxism, transnational progressivism, even multiculturalism. In his essay A Communism [...]

Church and State

Bill Roggio reports that the party of Prime Minister Miliki has changed its name and a key element of its platform from the Qom School to the Najaf school of Shia Islam: On the political front, the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), the largest Shia political party, has changed its name and shifted its center [...]

The Lileks Caper

James Lileks who’s day job as a columnist for The Strib (The Minneapolis Star Tribune) is a popular figure in the Blogosphere. He is unique because he is multi-talented and prolific in his very own quirky style. Indeed his Strib column is called The Quirk – and I probably would have written ‘quirky’ to describe [...]

The secret truth about wombats has been revealed here. Stop and read it now. Nothing will make sense until you do. Take your time. I’ll wait. Welcome back. I myself am only half wombat as you can tell from my name. If you have actually read the article by the wombat expert, Mark Hulme-Jones, you [...]

It is common to hear America described as imperialist or an empire. It is widely accepted as simple fact in many circles. I certainly think American acted that way in the past by extending its power across the North American continent and aping European colonialism by trying to amass colonies in the late 19th and [...]