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The Iran Hostage Flip Flop

When someone asked me what I thought was going on with the Iran’s seizure and release of the British sailors and marines I realized I didn’t have any definite opinion. After thinking about it for a couple of days, and reading widely differing opinions about it I began to see it not in terms of [...]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Of course next week Lizard will see another side to Easter and all holidays for that matter. You have been warned.

The Meme War

Tony Corn of the Latin Europe Area Studies at the U.S. Foreign Service Institute has a far reaching essay called Caluswitz in Wonderland on the Hoover Institution’s Policy Review website. Its overarching point is that the American military is puts too much emphasis on the study of Caluswitz’s On War and not enough on understanding [...]

Michael Yon – Again

Michale Yon has two new posts up here and here. The first is a powerful complaint about the poor treatment of the press by the US military in terms of providing facilities – essentially making it difficult to impossible to cover the war effectively. In the second post, Y0n discusses how he reluctantly got involved [...]

Norm Geras pointed to an article by Martin Kettle in the Guardian that praises America in no uncertain terms. Entitled The story of empire is not one of unalloyed shame. The subhead sums it up nicely: Despite the horrors of slavery, the building of the United States remains the greatest achievement of the past four [...]


Lizard having one of those moments of er…..self doubt…no doubt.