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My sister heard this news report of KCBS radio in the Bay Area. Now I can hear it on the net and get flashbacks of being stuck in a traffic jam on the Nimitz as I listen to the rapid fire information packed style of big city, US radio. So have a listen – believe [...]

Shifting Sands

In watching the Iraq war from a media perspective I have noticed that the media seems to be keeping their options open regarding the surge. It’s just a feeling but I fully expected the MSM to dismiss the surge. In the la la land of war reporting where few of the reporters seem to know [...]

Corporate Lizard

This experience should be familiar to some people of our acquaintance! Well Lizard’s  Daddy has all the cartoons and all the new special title pages that say things like Lizard’s Five Ways to Cope with Editing a Cartoon Book. (Only kidding) Since this is the first time either Barry or I have published a book [...]

I was surprised to read a post by a centrist Democrat really upset with Daily Kos and the left of the party. Specifically, blogger Thomas P. M. Barnett, is upset about an attack similar to the attack on Joe Lieberman, on California Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher for not hewing the party line. “Absolutely, we could take [...]

The End? Maybe.

It’s a truism. Things in Zimbabwe only seem to get worse. About half of the country’s 12 million are in danger of starvation and about 3500 a week are dying of starvation and disease. Now according to this February 19 UK Guardian report there is an outbreak of cholera: The cholera deaths are the first [...]

War and Peace

One of the great things about the Blogosphere is that I run into answers to things that have puzzled me for a long time – often for the better part of my life. In a post about Joe Lieberman’s reactions to the non binding resolutions on the Iraq War in the US Congress, Wretchard of [...]

Lizard’s Ultimate Coping Mechanism

Here we are only in the middle of February and things are already desperate! Actually things are coming along nicely with Lizard’s Book. This “Coping with the New Year” sequence will probably appear in the book. Most of the cartoons Barry has chosen for the book are in fact sequences and not single cartoons which [...]

Off the Dime

My last two posts have been concerned with making the point that the American government – regardless of the party in power – do some things very well and some things poorly. I think we have seen quite a bit of both during the Bush administration. The first time I really winced at our policies [...]

The Snake Eater

In my previous post I told the discouraging story of disagreement over the approach the Voice of America should use in the Arab world and said I wanted to contrast it today with an amazing story of American efficiency. A troop support group Spirit of America got a request from a Major West, a Marine [...]

A True American Quagmire

I want to contrast two examples of the use of media in the war on terror. The first is a Washington Post article about the Voice of America by Robert R. Reilly, its former director, complaining that the VOA Broadcasting Board of Governors have pursued a policy of dropping content and replaceing it with pop [...]