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Nevil Shute and Caroline Glick

I picked up a remaindered paperback from the library by Nevil Shute for 20 cents titled Pied Piper. It was written in 1942 and set in France in the summer of 1940 during the German invasion. The main character is a 70 year old Englishman who has been trout fishing in the Jura, the high [...]

The Pirates of Penzance

I was reading Glenn Reynolds’ An Army of Davids last night and in particular his discussion of the prospects for anti aging technology. Evidently there are research projects in train that have some prospect of extending life dramatically. So dramatically that there is talk that the rate of progress will reach what is called ‘escape [...]

Well, you see what I mean…its all in the spirit of Christmas…. right?

The Moral Difficulties of War

Eve Garrard, who guestblogs at Normblog from time to time, has written an interesting discussion of moral responsibility in war in general and the war in Iraq in particular. For a full appreciation of exactly what Eve is arguing please read the whole thing – it is not long and engagingly argued. At the risk [...]

Every once in a while in sports something astonishing happens , something against the odds. It did yesterday in the Second Test of “The Ashes” series here in Australia. Wombats, Bandicoots and assorted Roos and Wallabies are excused from reading the rest of this post – I’m going to attempt a “Five minute Introduction the [...]

The Long Meme – The Long War

I have been watching the situation in Iraq and simultaneously watching the situation in the media. The MSM are really moving in for the kill after the elections. As a dependably anti war friend said the other day – Iraq is a debacle. That certainly is the story according to the MSM. I see all [...]

Lizard’s Christmas Season Opens!!

Well, Lizard overcame the server error – its officially Lizard Christmas Time! And in COLOR TOO!

Winning the Information War

Reading the latest exchange of heavy artillery between the blogsphere and the MSM I have found it hard to get started on where to comment. It all started with an LA Times post that quoted an unnamed reporter or stringer in Ramadi who sounded pretty much like an al Qaeda agent. I noted it in [...]