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Another Shirt!

Lizard’s delight in new shirts is not endless, but I am sure he could go on like this for some time.

I felt something very familiar as I watched the results come in for the six key Senate races (RI, PA, OH, VA, MO, MT) the Democrats had to win to take control of the Senate. What was familiar was election night 2002 and 2004 except that it was Democrats winning seat after seat by narrow [...]

Whiff of the Grape

As I write this in the middle of the night New York time it is afternoon here in Perth Western Australia and the US mid term election results are only partly in. There is still room for surprises with the Senate races in Virginia, Missouri and Montana all too close to call, but leaning Democratic. [...]

Guns and Girls

In a discussion about Sheik Hilali on Winds of Change and interesting difference between American and Australian values came up obliquely. David Blue speaking from an Australian point of view responded to the obviously American idea of Aussie women being allowed to carry guns to defend them selves American style. It is not each woman’s [...]

Another Comfy Shirt

Not your wide corduroy, but your very elegant pin curduroy. A Lizard knows exactly what he wants!

Those Pesky Speed Cameras

Glenn Reynolds wrote about Speed Cameras recently here complaining that they are more about raising revenue than safety. We have had them here in Western Australia since 1994 which has a population of over a million – mostly in Perth. Because of its isolation, and because there is a single enforcement agency – the W.A. [...]

US Elections – A Week Out

Mid term elections are peculiar beasts. They normally go against the party of the President in power delivering majorities or significant gains in either one or both houses of Congress to the party out of power. Unlike in parliamentary systems this phenomena does not result in the administration going out of office and the opposition [...]