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Hillary On War

Regular readers will know that my gut tells me that Hillary will be the next president even though my head knows perfectly well that many things stand between her and the White House. Her greatest advantage. being well known because of her time as First Lady, is also a great disadvantage because part of Bill’s [...]

School Violence Part 2

In the wake of the shootings of the Amish children in Pennsylvania I have been thinking about the differences in how countries handle guns and how guns fit into various cultures. Guns have been pretty limited and successfully taken out of circulation here in Australia after the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania where a [...]

The Big Chill Part 2

Expressing strong – perhaps I should say edgy – opinions on a blog can make a person unemployable. Kim du Toit for example. ….the shock of discovering that my website made me unemployable by corporate America came at a vulnerable time. Desperate to become gainfully employed after closing my consulting business for the business failure [...]


Cosy, Cosy, Cosy. Lizard is good at this.

Another Setback for the US

I don’t watch MSM news much, but occasionally I look in to see what they are up to. Last night, I watched one of Australia’s commercial channels’s late news and I wasn’t disappointed. The opening words of the story were: “And in Iraq, another setback for the US…….” The story turned out to be that [...]


The latest school killings in Pennsylvania raise many questions but the one that stands out for me is the role of the media in such incidents. The resemblance between the incident at Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania and the recently preceding one at Bailey, Colorado are too striking to ignore. It is hard to avoid the idea [...]

We all get to see events through the lens of our own obsessions but bloggers are particularly blessed in that they can share their obsessions with their fellow netizens. Take the case of Representative Foley and the inappropriate e-mails and instant messages he sent to a 16 year old House of Representatives page. My interest [...]

Lizard’s Jacket

To go with those wonderful cord pants of course. I want one!