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The Catfight – 5 Years On

When I was 13 or 14 I was milking the cows on a hot summer evening after a day haying. I was in that semi comatose state induced by twelve hours hard labor followed by a couple more of moderate effort. Coping, but near the limits of my endurance. It happened that a catfight had [...]


Well, it turns out that Lizards are introverts or extroverts right from the beginning.

The Path to 9/11- 2006

I find I have no interest in seeing the docudrama The Path to 9/11 because I lived through the real 9/11 – in Anchorage Alaska as it happened. I don’t need a fake one. The very title implies a certain retrospective view – the ‘if only’ mentality, for which I have no respect. If I [...]

Fighting Like Hell

As regular readers of this blog will know I think Grand Ayatollah Sistani is a critical figure in Iraq. One of the good guys who will go down in history as such, whatever the outcome. I heard a soundbite on TV about his saying he could no longer control the violence in Iraq so I [...]


I was delighted to see this speech (Scroll down to: The responsibilities of the media) by the Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, to the National Newspaper Publishers’ Conference August 28, 2006. Here is his review of the media’s performance in Lebanon: What concerns me greatly is the evidence of dishonesty in the reporting out of [...]

Lizard Bungee Jumps

Introvert Extrovert? Hint: There are no introverted Bungee Jumpers. At least not according to Lizard.

Round One

Watching the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) news briefly last night I saw a piece on Lebanon about who was going to pay for the damage Israel had caused to Lebanese infrastructure. As if the side that started it hadn’t caused a lot of damage in Israel and Israel was somehow uniquely responsible for the damage [...]