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The Big Chill

What happens when a company just prohibits employees from blogging? Got this in my work mailbox today. Hand delivered. —– Newspaper policy on personal Web sites and Web logs (blogs) Editorial staffers (editors, reporters, and photographers) may operate personal Web sites, Web logs (blogs) or chat rooms only with the prior approval of their editor. [...]

Euston in America – Part 2

So what does an Internet manifesto spreading from UK politics to US politics mean at this point? I think the main impact is the mobilization of an under organized sector of left and liberal opinion in the US. I believe the critical mistake on the left since 9/11 has been a failure to clearly recognize [...]

Euston in America

In March of this year a group of UK left and liberal political activists, prominent among them political blogger Norm Geras of the University of Manchester, launched the Euston Manifesto. I signed it happily, not because I agree uncritically with it, but because it represents the emergence of a neo-left in Western politics that makes [...]

Lizard’s Winter Clothes

As you may know, I’m putting together a Lizard book with Barry and going through the material I find many images that contain tone and even colour like this one of Lizard sporting cord pants. Because the book is going to be plain black and white these ones wont make it into the book, but [...]

A Marriage of Convenience

Since I am on the subject of the relationship between the MSM and the ‘Muslim street’ I might as well keep going. What we are seeing right now is a particularly dishonest, but mutually profitable relationship between the two that goes beyond the usual pandering for audience numbers through sensationalism. It reminds me of a [...]

Oh Woe, Glorious Woe

In my last post I mentioned that TV is a form of theater with roots going back to the Greeks. While I don’t usually post on the same topic two times in a row, this incident of the Pope’s words and the Muslim reaction are too good an example of media as theater to pass [...]

World Domination

Even I am astonished at how much the western media are twisting the Pope’s recent words to stir up the Muslim street. Even though our primary media is a form of theater with roots going back to the Greeks, I sometimes forget the lengths to which the media will go to create drama. David Warren [...]

This one has to be the last. Next week, something entrely different – in the way of Lizards, that is.

Opium Wars

The war in Afghanistan has gone through different phases politically, militarily and socially. Politically I remember that at first it was opposed by the left. I don’t know about you but I had been bombarded for years with e-mails from my left leaning lady friends about the Taliban’s treatment of women. I got not one [...]

Corporate Blogging and Network Dynamics

At the end of my last post on corporate blogging and McLuhan I wrote: McLuhan’s ideas may be of genuine use to the advocates of corporate blogging to help corporations recognize that, like it or not, they are operating in a new media environment with both new dangers and opportunities. McLuhan isn’t much help identifying [...]