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Middle Israel

Note: Originally published Aug 14, 2006 As I have watched the war in Lebanon I’ve wondered what the people who voted for Olmert were thinking. I know pretty well what the Likud and those that support them will be saying. Here is the latest from Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick who leaves no doubt about [...]

Party Time

(Click to enlarge) I can identify with both the introvert and the extrovert here.

Alienated Youth

I caught an interview with a man billed as a British terrorisms expert last night on the Australian ABC right as the Heathrow terror story was breaking. His name was Bill Durodie of Cranfield University and he had just flown into Heathrow. From almost the first exchange between host Tony Jones and Mr. Durodie I [...]

Me and Spinoza

Spinoza argued that no group or religion could rightly claim infallible knowledge of the creator’s partiality to its beliefs and ways. The above quote is from an article (Via Normblog and Arts and Letters) originally in the New York Times by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. She continues: Thursday marked the 350th anniversary of the excommunication of [...]

I’m Sick of Being Lied to

The controversy over charges of Hezbollah manipulation of the media at Qana continue. The latest is a blogstorm over catching one of the Reuters stringers that photographed Qana red handed photoshopping an unrelated image of bombing in Beruit. Reuters has withdrawn the photo and said they would not use the stringer again. Pajamas media has [...]


We are nearing the end of the Introvert Extrovert series and I think this cartoon reveals the side of Lizard that we are sometimes quicker to recognize than admit. At least I know I am. We should see more of him.

Conspiracy Theory?

Jefferson Morley in The Qana Conspiracy Theory in his Washington Post column on online opinion labels those who are questioning the authenticity of the stories about the incident at Qana as proposing a conspiracy’s theory. At a time when American and Israeli public opinion of the war diverge radically from the world opinion elsewhere, the [...]

A Well Kept Secret

I like to zoom back to get an overview, because I find it easy to get so caught up in detail that the big picture gets entirely lost. Sometimes it even seems the big picture is a well kept secret. While casually browsing several years ago I found an overview of how world GDP (Gross [...]