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The Book!

(Click to enlarge) Well, I just met with Lizard’s daddy and we had our first planning meeting on the book. Of course both the introverted and the extroveted Lizard attended.

Kicking the Chessboard?

I don’t usually write speculative pieces, but I have been deeply puzzled by the latest from Israel. It feels bigger to me than the usual flare ups – that it may turn into a bigger war. The initial attack by Hamas through a tunnel and the kidnapping of a single Israeli soldier seemed like just [...]

Remember the Alamo

I was perturbed – well I’ll be honest, I was mad as hell – when I read an opinion piece by Tony Horwitz entitled Immigration – The Curse of the Black Legend in the New York Times. It struck me as typical of the kind of approach to history where you know right away that [...]


A recent gross breach of netiquette has Yankeewombat scratching his head. A Psych Professor, at the University of Arizona, one Deb Frisch, went right off her rocker in a spat with blogger Jeff Goldstein when she turned her threats to Jeff’s 2 year old son both wishing death on the little guy and, most grossly, [...]

Lizard at the Resturant

(Click to enlarge) Sorry I’ve been late getting Lizard up this weekend – I’ve been er…out to lunch. Next weekend Lizard’s daddy and I are having a serious meeting about getting Lizard his own web site and even doing a book. That’s quite an extroverted thing for Lizard’s daddy to contemplate.

Moving the Iraq Debate On

For me one of the great barriers to seeing the conflict in Iraq clearly is the constant comparison to Vietnam. Stephen Biddle in his Seeing Baghdad, Thinking Saigon in the March/April edition of Foreign Affairs argues that both the wars supporters and its opponents have gotten it wrong. A subsequent Round Table discussion in Foreign [...]

Bronx 1, AOL 0

My sister sent me a NY Times article about canceling an AOL account. You have to do it by phone and the AOL ‘service representatives’ will do just about anything but cancel your account. When Vincent Ferrari, 30, of the Bronx, called AOL to cancel his membership last month, it took him a total of [...]

Happy 4th of July

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Hamdan and the Blogsphere

I undertake trying to write about Hamdan with some trepidation given that I am no lawyer much less a constitutional lawyer. So I will write about it in terms of the way I use the media and the blogsphere to try to come to an understanding of any issue. Most broadly I see something like [...]

Lizard at the Weekend

Well, not all introverts are so plagued in my experience.