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Pa, The Levee’s Broke

I’ve been doing a slow burn since reading this account in the Wall Street Journal taken from the recently published book Disaster: Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Homeland Security. Because I understand that in the US disaster response starts at the local level, then proceeds to the state level and finally to the federal [...]

Lizard Goes Shopping



The Wall Street Journal published an article on Military blogs by Mike Spector entitled Cry Bias, and let Slip the Blogs of War that I find both heartening and infuriating. Heartening in that it does report the basic fact that most military bloggers find media coverage of the war distorted. Infuriating because it scrupulously avoids [...]

Rocks and Water

(Click to enlarge) One direction that a Bryce image can be pushed is toward abstraction by chosing surfaces that look more like they are painted to suggest a particular surface – here rocks and water, rather than be fully representational.

Euston and Beyond

Matt, on his new blog Euston and Beyond wants to take up the issues raised by the Euston manifesto. I signed the Euston Manifesto, like quite a few others not because I agreed in every particular with it, but because I think the segment of left liberal opinion it represents needs to define itself and [...]

Lebanon Again

Last week I thought the Hezbollah and Hamas kidnapping of Israeli soldiers suggested a fair degree of co-ordination and that Iran might be behind it in a effort to change the dynamic in the battle for Iraq. I thought Iran might be deliberately creating chaos by ‘kicking over the chessboard’ and wrote about it here. [...]

Lizard on the Job

(Click to Enlarge) Now you know what goes on inside those quiet workmates.

Pajamas Media

Pajamas Media and their new venture PoliticsCentral are ideas that appeal to me. As someone interested in the changes to our established media being brought about by the blogsphere, I feel strongly that the blogsphere has become significant by breaking the monopoly of the established media on how we get information. Reading bloggers made me [...]

Partitioning Iraq?

In my post Moving the Iraq Debate On a couple of weeks ago I discussed the emergence of the the idea of greater regional autonomy for its three sectarian groups – the Kurds, the Sunni, and the Shiites. Normblog recently referred to Iraq’s Salvation Lies in Letting it Break Apart in the UK Times by [...]

Did I Really Hear That?

Its Friday night and I turn on the footy just before half time. Australian rules – the one with the four posts each end of a huge playing field. Its a low scoring game – one team, Richmond, has only 15 points in a game where both teams usually score over 100. As the second [...]