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Terror and Liberalism

Paul Berman author of Terror and Liberalism in an interview with Alan Johnson at Democratiya explains for me a persistent feeling I, and I think many others, have had since shortly after 9/11. Specifically, the feeling that despite Islamic radicalism’s enormously reactionary bent of wanting to reestablish the Caliphate and reinstall a medieval social system [...]

Seeing is Believing?

When the UK Times published a slight variant of this picture of the Haditha incident showing bodies along a wall with their hands tied behind their backs, they got busted by the blogsphere very quickly. Evidently the picture was from Haditha but of dead Iraqi soldiers on leave killed by terrorists about six months before [...]

My Blue Heaven at Sunset

(Click to enlarge) Like last week I haven’t changed the underlying drawing – just the surface treatment of the objects and the sky. This one is more plausibly just the same scene at a different time of day.

More Multiculturalism

In writing about multiculturalism recently here I talked about how immigrant groups sometimes remain frozen in their old culture and fail to integrate into the new society. Some, of course, do integrate without losing too much of their culture of origin. An an American who migrated to Australia 30 years ago I have been through [...]

Lizard Goes Cellular

(Click to enlarge) Well, it shouldn’t be too hard to Spot the Introvert here. Lizard and Yankeewombat wish you a good weekend!


Is Multiculturalism good or bad? I think it is both good and bad and a case where an either or approach can be disastrous. It is a classic case where policy demands balance. The still breaking story of the Canadian terrorist bust brought out a comment that I found to be the best short critique [...]

My Blue Heaven

(Click to enlarge) While not consciously modeled on the southern coast of Western Australia in the Autumn, this image has some of the feeling of the Southern Ocean. Even in Summer its chill winds and icy water never let you forget that there is nothing but open sea between you and Antarctica.

Visual Literacy

The recent arrests in Canada of a suspected Muslim Terrorist group have generated some remarkable politically correct reporting. I’m not talking about the reports treating the suspects as innocent until proven guilty. That is fine, and as it should be. I’m talking about the press avoiding discussing the suspected terrorists Muslim identity and jihadi ideology. [...]

Podcasting is Not Blogging

I’ve listened to a few podcasts without getting excited until I heard Glenn and Helen Reynolds of Instapundit interview Peter Beinart late last week. It brought home to me that bloggers podcast, but podcasting is not blogging. A blog emphasizes an individual point of view, because it is created by one person at a keyboard. [...]

Lizard At The Weekend

(Click to enlarge) The Name of the game is Spot the Introvert. I’ll be putting up a series of these cartoons by Perth designer Barry Kubank every week for a while to see if you like them. Since Barry wants to eventually publish them in a book he retains all rights to his cartoons but [...]