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Terrorists and Linux Coders

My son Julian is in the business of helping corporations start blogs. In a recent post he asks: What will businesses use their blogs for? As strong proponents for authentic word of mouth marketing this quote from Jupiter caught our attention. The new research finds that Weblogs are underused for generating word-of-mouth (WoM) marketing opportunities. [...]

Hawking in China

I always approach things Chinese with caution. No, not Chinese merchandise which is everywhere – and everywhere well priced. No, I mean China itself and its culture, its burgeoning economy, its peculiar combination of Marxism and capitalism. I get this caution from having studied with a leading China scholar at Columbia, Professor William De Bary.. [...]

The Media Environment

Marshal McLuhan was a media critic given to spectacular assertions – his most famous being “The media is the message.” It is often missed that in his earlier work he built his case in a traditional academic manner using closely reasoned argument and plenty of footnotes. I am thinking in particular of his Gutenberg Galaxy [...]

Lizard @ The Bus Stop

(Click to enlarge) Not hard to spot the long suffering introvert here.

Happy Birthday Savanah

(Click to enlarge) Bryce is a way of creating special birthday cards for special people too. Savanah is 10 years old tomorrow.

The Bureaucratic Solution

The Dutch are seriously considering a tough new law to make it quite difficult for a migrant to become a Dutch citizen. According to this UK Times article: A DRACONIAN new law is expected to force immigrants to the Netherlands to sit a tough exam on Dutch history, geography and culture or face heavy fines. [...]

The Iraqi Plan

The Iraqi National Security Adviser, Mowaffak al-Rubaie, published the new Iraqi government’s security plans in this Washington Post article. The plan is to progressively turn over security governate by governate. Iraq has a total of 18 governates, which are at differing stages in terms of security. Each will eventually take control of its own security [...]

Auschwitz Memorial

(Click to enlarge) James Quinton is a Landscape Architecture student at the University of Western Australia and fellow 3D illustration enthusiast. These two images are from his presentation to a design competition for a memorial park at the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp site in Poland. He won an honorable mention. The first illustration [...]

It’s a Hard War to Follow

The Iraq war has caused such an ideological crisis in the West that both sides report the war won or lost at regular intervals. Before I understood the extremeness of the desire of the war’s opponents to see the US defeated I was actually a bit worried when I saw a BBC report during the [...]

Lizard – The Waiter

(Click to enlarge) Its Spot the Introvert time again. If you are enjoying Lizard please let us know at I pass all comments to Barry.