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Malign Neglect

For me one of the most frustrating aspects of the war on terror is the persistence of blind opposition on the part of the Democrats instead of attacking where the Bush administration is really vulnerable. Last week I saw Ted Kennedy getting lots of air time here in Australia harping on Tora Bora and how [...]

Jawad al-Maliki – The Plot Thickens

Observing the Iraqi political process from afar is frustrating work. I suppose it is the reverse of the usual process where positions are worked out before the election and the various parties and coalitions are the outcome of a long period of negotiation and jockeying for position. After the election, the actual formation of a [...]


(Click to enlarge) This image is an exam0ple of why I like Bryce so much. I started with the sky which strongly suggested a watercolor to me and then I was able to find what I needed to complete the image in a way that satisfied me.

Anzac Day

Tuesday 25 April is Anzac Day here in Australia and in New Zealand. It commemorates the landing in 1915 at Gallipoli on the Turkish Aegean coast by the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). Any account of this battle reads like most other WW1 battles – an appalling loss of life for little or [...]

No Language But That of Treason

Mohammed at Iraq the Model tells us of the death of his brother in law at the hands of the terrorists. Mohammed and his brother Omar are among the very strongest supporters of democracy in the Iraqi blogsphere and true Iraqi patriots. Last week our little and peaceful family was struck by the tragic loss [...]

Hell Yes

I’ve signed the Euston Manifesto (You can sign it here if so inclined.) even though I know I don’t agree with some bits. I’m neither a socialist, nor and internationalist, thought I support elements of both, and oppose others. Some of it seems to me too vague as yet – which is fine for a [...]

A group of English socialists and liberals who have been generally supportive of the war have published a Manifesto staking out territory for the left that differs clearly and markedly from the anti war left we have heard from both inside and outside the US since 9/11. Norm Geras and Nick Cohen explain how the [...]


The Futurist has a post up about the possible impact of the US immigration issue on the 2008 presidential elections. His central idea gives me pause: Then, along came an issue that entirely scattered the ideological bastions of both hordes – the issue of how America should deal with and categorize those who would seek [...]

Caption anyone?

(Click to enlarge) One of my favorite blogs Normblog runs little contests called Normblog Polls like predicting the electoral votes in the US election – I came second thanks to the statistical genius of the Horserace Blogger. (Bookmark him now and avoid the rush next October) Norm runs less serious contests too, like his current [...]

Sending Johnny Cash to Julliard?

Jeff Jarvis of Buzz Machine is asking for contributions to help bring Iraqi blogger Zeyad of Healing Iraq to the United States to study journalism at the new Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY (City University of New York). Jeff Jarvis is on the faculty and director of the new media program at the School [...]