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Well Alito was confirmed 58-42 – a respectable margin. I became an Alito fan when I exchanged e-mails with him about 3 months ago when all this started. He is a real central New Jersey guy who grew up in Hamilton Township which is about 10 miles from where I last lived in the US. [...]

Propagandist ?

A recent post by Bill Roggio demonstrates why he is not a propagandist in the pay of the Pentagon and why I, and a lot of other people who want to know what is going on in Iraq, have made Roggio a must read. It was recently reported that 270 al-Qaeda had been captured by [...]

Fact Checking

James Frey’s questioning on Oprah today certainly restores ones belief that truth matters. Good for Oprah for changing her mind and coming down squarely on the side of honesty. Given my previous post where I said that the standard remedy of a disclaimer could go a long way to defusing this kind of situation, Frey’s [...]

The Inlet

When I have no words left, my right brain often has a new image. This one was done using Bryce5 at a large size so it should be nice and big on your screen. Just click to enlarge.

I ran across and interesting trend in American publishing reading Jumping for that Elusive Truth by Christian Bauman discussing how publishers are encouraging young novelists to rewrite their often autobiographical first novels as memoirs. They sell better if people think of them as non-fiction. Not just a little bit better – bestseller better. Here Bauman [...]

A Pair of Budgie Smugglers

One thing a Yankeewombat can do after being 30 years resident in the Land of the Long Weekend is to discuss the ongoing delight of Australian working class humour. The upcoming Australia Day holiday – the 26th – is a government invented, government imposed, national holiday that is roughly supposed to serve the same function [...]

Don’t attack ‘em, hire ‘em

Bill Roggio’s work is an excellent example of what can happen when a successful bazaar style blogger comes into conflict with an established cathedral style newspaper. I don’t believe it has to happen this way and that it wont when bloggers are better understood. After building up an audience reporting the Anbar campaign in Western [...]

Image for today

I’m finding my follow up post for the Cathderal and the Bazaar is taking longer than I thought. So here is one of my favorite images I’ve drawn using Bryce5. Click on the image to see it full size

Blogger Donald Sensing tells how the Department of Defense has woken up to the idea of blogs as something that can help the war effort. They have hired a PR firm to approach a limited number of bloggers to receive distribution of DOD materials that they may choose to use as the basis for blog [...]

Mining Disasters

Mining disasters are different then many others in that they have a particular dramatic appeal. Before I go further let me say I am not talking about what the miners and their families experience – that is real human suffering and is not different from what anyone experiences when they lose loved ones. I’m talking [...]