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Opium Wars

The war in Afghanistan has gone through different phases politically, militarily and socially. Politically I remember that at first it was opposed by the left. I don’t know about you but I had been bombarded for years with e-mails from my left leaning lady friends about the Taliban’s treatment of women. I got not one [...]

Another Tet

I keep coming back to Michael Yon and Bill Roggio because their war reporting strikes me as consistently better than that of the MSM. As I have said before I think the main factor is that both are trained soldiers who understand military strategy and therefore bring real understanding to what the Coalition forces are [...]

Malign Neglect

For me one of the most frustrating aspects of the war on terror is the persistence of blind opposition on the part of the Democrats instead of attacking where the Bush administration is really vulnerable. Last week I saw Ted Kennedy getting lots of air time here in Australia harping on Tora Bora and how [...]