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Hillary Declares

I’ve been watching the reaction to Hillary’s announcement that she is running for president. I see her through the eyes of an older centrist Democrat in the Harry Truman, JFK tradition. In terms of today’s Democrats that means I’m a Lieberman Democrat and I support the President on the war. I certainly don’t see defeating [...]

I felt something very familiar as I watched the results come in for the six key Senate races (RI, PA, OH, VA, MO, MT) the Democrats had to win to take control of the Senate. What was familiar was election night 2002 and 2004 except that it was Democrats winning seat after seat by narrow [...]

Whiff of the Grape

As I write this in the middle of the night New York time it is afternoon here in Perth Western Australia and the US mid term election results are only partly in. There is still room for surprises with the Senate races in Virginia, Missouri and Montana all too close to call, but leaning Democratic. [...]

Euston in America – Part 2

So what does an Internet manifesto spreading from UK politics to US politics mean at this point? I think the main impact is the mobilization of an under organized sector of left and liberal opinion in the US. I believe the critical mistake on the left since 9/11 has been a failure to clearly recognize [...]

Euston in America

In March of this year a group of UK left and liberal political activists, prominent among them political blogger Norm Geras of the University of Manchester, launched the Euston Manifesto. I signed it happily, not because I agree uncritically with it, but because it represents the emergence of a neo-left in Western politics that makes [...]

Euston and Beyond

Matt, on his new blog Euston and Beyond wants to take up the issues raised by the Euston manifesto. I signed the Euston Manifesto, like quite a few others not because I agreed in every particular with it, but because I think the segment of left liberal opinion it represents needs to define itself and [...]

Remember the Alamo

I was perturbed – well I’ll be honest, I was mad as hell – when I read an opinion piece by Tony Horwitz entitled Immigration – The Curse of the Black Legend in the New York Times. It struck me as typical of the kind of approach to history where you know right away that [...]

The Neo-Left

A key personal reason for starting Yankeewombat was to clarify my own thinking by putting myself in a position where I had to actually write down my reaction to events – not just think about them. Also given the repetitive nature of news cycles I’ve noticed inside myself that just passively reacting tends to recycle [...]

A Deal Gone Wrong

Wretchard writing at the Belmont Club describes a kind of ‘deal’ as an explanation for the bitter divisions in the West since 9/11. But although Marxism was defeated by the largely economic process of Globalization it flourished — even dominated — in the cultural institutions of the West at a time when Islamism was triumphing [...]

Engaging the Neo-Left

As I read various comments and reactions regarding the Euston Manifesto my general impression that I am somewhat to the right of the center of gravity of the manifesto but all in all I find much to support enthusiastically. I think the most valuable thing I find in the Manifesto is that possibility of dialog [...]