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Back in Oz

After a three month self imposed silence I’m back in Australia determined to stop long boring posts. Today at the bookstore I noticed this title: Get Pregnant Faster It made my day.


Walking in West Palm Beach in a mixed commerical district: big Winn-Dixie grocrery store, rail road tracks, freeway overpasses. Suddenly two good looking women are just to my right in front of a shop. One white, one black talking to each other. I must be hanving a good day because they look extra special nice. [...]

Hong Kong

I have been on the road and hors de combat. The wireless at my son Julian’s in West Palm Beach works a treat so Yankeewombat is back. First stop was Hong Kong. Here is a brief impression: Hong Kong, which is now part of the People’s Republic of China, is much more like New York [...]

A Tale of Two Times

I began buying the New York Times regularly in 1956 at Fletcher’s on the Square in Bellows Falls Vermont when I started high school. The Times had always been around the house because my father subscribed to it off and on and I must have developed the habit of reading it regularly by ’56. Nothing [...]

Venezuelan Devaluation

In a move expected since last year Venezuela has ‘revalued’ the bolivar by a factor of 1000. The Reuters news story opens: CARACAS, Jan 1 (Reuters) – Venezuela opened the New Year on Tuesday by revamping its bolivar currency in an effort by the government of President Hugo Chavez to tackle the highest inflation in [...]

The Boy With the Barrow

In the fifties 5% of America’s population produced it’s food. The Soviet Union 50%, China 90%. Now the US does it with one half of 1% – farming, once ubiquitous, is now rare. Worldwide farmers are, for the first time in 5000 years, a minority. See here and here. We still have to eat, but [...]

Gratuitous Snark

Extreme Mortman nails the Washington Post for a bit of MSM gratuitous snark toward bloggers which seems to me to demonstrates the self wounding cluenessness of the established media in understanding the Titanic nature of their predicament or even the basic power of bloggers to widen the hole in their bow. The mainstream media keeps [...]

Visual Explorations

I was gossiping with my friend Griselda about a couple of very successful Australian businessmen we know for whom Communism/socialism represents good and America evil. The overwhelming problem they see in the world is America and believe that it must be stopped without for a moment recognizing any connection to their own genuine skill in [...]

Wee Whoppers

Alan Sullivan, the Seablogger, who lived on a boat for many years, happens to know rather a lot about the weather. He points out a small error in a BBC news story and speculates how such errors arise and accumulate in a post entitled Little Falsehoods. Here is the quote from the BBC: It was [...]

Flour and Cooking Oil

The NY Times reports the recent defeat of Chavez’s constitutional reforms as if an ordinary socialist or social democratic president has been checked at the polls. For nine years, a combination of populist politics and rising oil prices have propelled Mr. Chávez’s socialist program for Venezuela with an almost inexorable momentum. On Sunday, his country [...]