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Sunday Picture

Che Lives!!

Griselda the Magnificent, spy extraordinaire, sends this snap from Paris catching George Bush and Che Guevara of Medecins Pour Terrorisme (Hey, nice job in London and Glasgow this week, guys) plotting to corner the world magnesium supply causing night cramps and general dismay. (Crossposted at Meatworks)

US Imperialism

My spy in Paris – let’s just call her Griselda the Magnificent – sent me this superb example of the postcarder’s art. Such fine fellows! But look at that sub sandwich about to be scarfed down! Straight from Subway – the American fast food chain. Is nothing sacred to these Americans? No doubt the chappie [...]

Rocks and Water

(Click to enlarge) One direction that a Bryce image can be pushed is toward abstraction by chosing surfaces that look more like they are painted to suggest a particular surface – here rocks and water, rather than be fully representational.

Happy 4th of July

(Click to enlarge)

Happy Birthday Savanah

(Click to enlarge) Bryce is a way of creating special birthday cards for special people too. Savanah is 10 years old tomorrow.

Auschwitz Memorial

(Click to enlarge) James Quinton is a Landscape Architecture student at the University of Western Australia and fellow 3D illustration enthusiast. These two images are from his presentation to a design competition for a memorial park at the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp site in Poland. He won an honorable mention. The first illustration [...]

My Blue Heaven at Sunset

(Click to enlarge) Like last week I haven’t changed the underlying drawing – just the surface treatment of the objects and the sky. This one is more plausibly just the same scene at a different time of day.

My Blue Heaven

(Click to enlarge) While not consciously modeled on the southern coast of Western Australia in the Autumn, this image has some of the feeling of the Southern Ocean. Even in Summer its chill winds and icy water never let you forget that there is nothing but open sea between you and Antarctica.

Purple Prose

I’ve turned Tuesday’s image into the visual equivalent of ‘It was a dark and stormy night’. The form and position of the objects in the image are completely unchanged. Just the surfaces have been ‘repainted’. This is about as far as I like to stray from realistic landscape unless I set out to do something [...]