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A Wee Bomb

I’ve been peripherally aware of the the two Muslim students stopped by deputy sheriffs in Goose Creek South Carolina with fireworks or pipe bombs or whatever kind of expecting that the case might collapse. It certainly sounded like it was headed that way after the FBI issued a very cautionary press release and CAIR called [...]

Religion and History

In a comment to his own post about al Qaeda recruitment policies Wretchard of The Belmont Club talks about the possibility that extreme Islam may eventually fracture into different sects if the history of religion is anything to go by. I think it’s an organization of a sort, and an although its been described as [...]

The Red Mosque

Last night the best source I found for regular updates of the breaking story of the Pakistani military’s attack on the Red Mosque was Metroblogging Pakistan. I followed a link from independent blogger Bill Roggio’s article on the beginning of the military attack. Leading MSM sources were reporitng the same facts about the initial assault [...]

Blackfive, one of the premier milbogs, has been reporting this story of Iraqi clergy meeting with US Military chaplains for a while. It may seem as noteworthy as a ecumenical picnic to many but Iraq is a place where religion and religious leaders are far more important that we in the West are accustomed to [...]

The breadth and strength of European anti Semitism and anti Americanism surprises me sometimes. I can understand the Germans – America’s actions were twice critical in their defeat. It wasn’t until I read this talk by Bat Ye’Or that I realized I had failed to grasp the breadth and strength of the European vision for [...]


I have felt strongly since 9/11 that the jihadis are, despite their apparent devoutness, thoroughly modern men who have more in common with the fascists and Japanese militarists of the 40s than with the Muslims of the early caliphate they idolize. It was not until I read a thoroughgoing review of Japanese militarism in Japan’s [...]

Impossible Anachronism

Max Boot published an email from a Lt. Colonel Miska here last week. What struck me was the time frame in which he saw the Iraq conflict. How long, you ask? I am on my second tour following a year in Tikrit from 2004-2005. A realistic goal is to have stabilized this region by the [...]

If you have some difficulty, as I do, in seeing President Bush as being as dangerous and wrong as Hitler perhaps it is because of a failure to appreciate the world view that gives rise to this perception. I’ve heard it called folk or cultural Marxism, transnational progressivism, even multiculturalism. In his essay A Communism [...]

The Iran Hostage Flip Flop

When someone asked me what I thought was going on with the Iran’s seizure and release of the British sailors and marines I realized I didn’t have any definite opinion. After thinking about it for a couple of days, and reading widely differing opinions about it I began to see it not in terms of [...]

War and Peace

One of the great things about the Blogosphere is that I run into answers to things that have puzzled me for a long time – often for the better part of my life. In a post about Joe Lieberman’s reactions to the non binding resolutions on the Iraq War in the US Congress, Wretchard of [...]