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Mission Accomplished?

The Sunni Awakening, combined with the surge, has genuinely changed the situation in Iraq and so profoundly that it is difficult to get a good overview free from the emotions and more or less fixed views that have characterized the debate on the war. Bartie Bull, writing in Commentary provides a very useful one in [...]


The political wrangling over the Petraeus report has been pretty predictable. The problem for both sides is that the reality on the ground is difficult and ambiguous – the outcome uncertain and neither victory nor defeat inevitable. As John McCain said in reacting to the Iraq hearings: “Americans don’t want us to fail. They don’t [...]

Welcome Back Guys

For those of us following the reporting of the Iraq war in the American press Michael O’Halloran and Kenneth Pollack’s article in the NY Times earlier this month entitled A War We Just Might Win represented a major change in the reporting of the war in the MSM. I believe it was a watershed event [...]

The Tribal Layer

Rich Lowry, NRO (National Review Online) editor, criticizes the Bush administration’s democratizing policy in Iraq in telling fashion in this piece entitled The Revenge of the Tribes. It is short and well written so – by all means – read the whole thing. Note: The article contains an unusual statement requireing permision to even excerpt [...]

Beyond the Bulldust

Note: I’ll be cross posting articles about media on my more theory oriented blog For those primarily concerned with media issues that is the place to go for these more topical posts as well as the broader theoretical ideas underpinning my observations about the media. I have been watching with increasing amusement the MSM [...]

Land O’ Goshen!!

I don’t usually react quickly to breaking stories, but I first ran across news of the suicide bombing of the Yezidi in Northern Iraq that killed at least 200 on the web page of WCCO – a local Minneapolis TV station I’ve held open to keep up with the latest on the bridge collapse. The [...]

The New Narrative Continues

The new ‘narrative’ on Iraq led by The NY Times, which I discussed here, has certainly caught on. This piece by Ullrich Fichtner in the reliably anti-war Der Spiegel, is more than an overseas echo – it has independent importance. Before discussing it, I have to say that as a someone intensely interested in the [...]

Moving On

David Warren in this succinct column expresses something I have long felt about President Bush’s attitude toward the Iraq war, but been unable to articulate. President Bush’s hopeful idea from the beginning, was that democracy would spread through the Arab and Muslim world, in the same way it had spread through central and eastern Europe [...]

Sometimes Narratives Change

Addendum: Cobb has a Charlie Rose interview up with John Burns and Tom Ricks of the Washington Post here. Burns reiterates what he said to Hugh Hewitt and Ricks has further information of various withdrawal scenarios. Well worth viewing, plus a segment on Chinese investment. In an article in the NY Times entitled A War [...]

Iron Youth

“What has Kantorek written to you?” Muller asks him. He laughs. “We are the Iron Youth.” We all three smile bitterly. Kroop rails: he is glad that he can speak. Yes, that’s the way they think, these hundred thousand Kantoreks! Iron Youth! Youth! We are none of us more than twenty years old. But young? [...]