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Giving ‘em Hell

Michael O’Hanlon has an opinion piece in USA Today that reminds me of the old Democratic party that I used to support. The first Democrat I remember is Harry Truman and what I remember about him is that he gave ‘em hell. Truman earned that1948 victory grin in the last campaign to be fought from [...]

Flour and Cooking Oil

The NY Times reports the recent defeat of Chavez’s constitutional reforms as if an ordinary socialist or social democratic president has been checked at the polls. For nine years, a combination of populist politics and rising oil prices have propelled Mr. Chávez’s socialist program for Venezuela with an almost inexorable momentum. On Sunday, his country [...]

End of an Era

When I arrived in Australia nearly 32 year ago John Howard was a minister in the then Fraser government. Fraser had just taken over in a constitutional crisis that is still controversial from the then Whitlam labor government. A year later he had been promoted to the number two spot and was commonly referred to [...]

Welcome Back Thommo

(Down Wombats – I’m not talking about our beloved pace bowler ) When the NY Times Op Ed columnists disappeared behind the Times Select firewall I missed Thomas Friedman the most. He is the newspaper’s ‘mister inbetween’ – viewed by the right as a screaming liberal and in a British publication called Why Do People [...]

A Return to Pessimism

In a moment of optimism I had hoped that after Musharraf had paved the way for Benazir Bhutto’s return from exile and her narrow escape from a Taliban bomb, Pakistan’s ruling elite were showing signs of uniting against the threat of Islamic radicalism. I was wrong. Whatever plans Musharraf had for a transition back to [...]

Pre-constructing Reality

In a straight faced satire of contemporary reporting, Rob at The Better Part of Valour, pre-constructs a news item spinning away the likely damage to the credibility of the traditional media if the court ordered release of the 27 minutes of rushes of the 2000 al Durrah incident occurs in Paris later today. Here is [...]

Musharraf’s Coup

Despite Bill Roggio reporting an eroding situation in Pakistan’s Tribal Territories and within Pakistan itself for the past few years I responded with some optimism to Benazir’s Bhutto’s return and her strong speech after a Taliban attempt on her life. Furthermore, I hoped that a report by Syed Saleem Shahzad claiming a Pakistani Army offensive [...]

The Line

In my recent post Stirling Silver Button I talked about the particularly absurd conspiracy theory that asserts President Bush caused the 2004 tsunami by setting off a nuke in the Sumatra trench. Richard Landes picked it up and asked me from some links to it. I found a collection of links here and Richard wrote [...]

Stirling Silver Button

Richard Landes in The Brits Pig out on Anti-zionism: How Europe Commits Suicide at Augean Stables wonders what is behind the kind of one sided debate put on by the Oxford Union where the pro Israel team is made up of antisemites. It’s hard to figure out which plays more, whether they can’t stand another [...]

Roggio on Pakistan

The following Pajamas Media overview of an article by Bill Roggio about the situation in Pakistan confirms in some ways the claims made by Syed Saleem Shahzad in the Asia Times Online that I discussed in yesterday’s post while, at the same time, painting a far more dire picture. Bill Roggio looks at the worsening [...]