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Lizard Looks Back

I have to have a bit of a conference with Lizard’s Daddy to see what is next for Lizard on the Web. We trust it wont be a blank!

Well, I’ve run out of Christmas Lizards just in time – or it will the New Year. I don’t have anything in particular that is an obvious candidate for more Lizards because most of what I have is destined for the book. But Lizard does do things like New Year’s resolutions that I may be [...]

Merry Christmas From Lizard

The day has arrived and Lizard has not let us down….and Merry Christmas to everyone from Yankeewombat and all the little Roos, Numbats, and Bandicoots too.

Getting Close Now!

Lizard does so like his clothes, and with Christmas just around the corner he can’t resist a new…er…ensemble. There will be special Lizard Christmas day too.

Well, you see what I mean…its all in the spirit of Christmas…. right?

Lizard’s Christmas Season Opens!!

Well, Lizard overcame the server error – its officially Lizard Christmas Time! And in COLOR TOO!


Lizard has a deep financial insight!

Lizard Goes Paisley

One more shirt after this. Then it will be on to other things.

Another Shirt!

Lizard’s delight in new shirts is not endless, but I am sure he could go on like this for some time.

Another Comfy Shirt

Not your wide corduroy, but your very elegant pin curduroy. A Lizard knows exactly what he wants!