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Easter Installment 2

Well, here is the down side (you knew it was coming) of Easter from Lizard’s point of view.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Of course next week Lizard will see another side to Easter and all holidays for that matter. You have been warned.

Lizard Out of Season Part 2

Trust Lizard to remind us of those enervating Spring days that take the spring right out of our step. Thanks to ‘Heat Savings Time’ here in Western Australia we are still getting those enervating ‘Spring’ days deep into Autumn. A good friend told me today that the polls are running 75% against this wonderful idea [...]

Lizard – Out of Season

Well, it’s Autumn here in Western Australia, not Fall because nothing falls except maybe governments. Right now we are just relieved the heat is letting up on some days and sharpening our voting pencils in preparation for the day we can vote against ‘Heat Savings Time.’ It was still over 100 F, 38C last week [...]

Lizard Becomes…..Pregnant?!

Maybe it’s all in his head, but it sure looks like the real thing. You never can quite tell with Lizards.

Corporate Lizard

This experience should be familiar to some people of our acquaintance! Well Lizard’s  Daddy has all the cartoons and all the new special title pages that say things like Lizard’s Five Ways to Cope with Editing a Cartoon Book. (Only kidding) Since this is the first time either Barry or I have published a book [...]

Lizard’s Ultimate Coping Mechanism

Here we are only in the middle of February and things are already desperate! Actually things are coming along nicely with Lizard’s Book. This “Coping with the New Year” sequence will probably appear in the book. Most of the cartoons Barry has chosen for the book are in fact sequences and not single cartoons which [...]

Lizard is back from his little vacation..he missed last week because his Uncle Yankeewombat had to have some tests and was very tired last week end. In fact his uncle felt very much like the above last weekend.

Lizards Who Run Away?

Oh dear, Lizard is discovering some of the more contemporary ways of coping with the New Year – and let’s face it – life itself.

This is the first of a series of five cartoons on Lizard’s attempts to cope with the New Year. Most of the Lizard cartoons that Barry does come in groups like this – so this series will give you a taste of the kind of thing that will make up the book of Lizard cartoons [...]