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The Ashes

Sorry for the lack of a post today. My excuse – the Aussies regained the Ashes today here in Perth. They did so by winning the third five day test in the series of five test matches. The score stands at three matches to none – so England can not hope to win. That will [...]

Lizard Tries Tree

Lizard is really getting into self transformation now! Verily, the silly season is at hand.

Every once in a while in sports something astonishing happens , something against the odds. It did yesterday in the Second Test of “The Ashes” series here in Australia. Wombats, Bandicoots and assorted Roos and Wallabies are excused from reading the rest of this post – I’m going to attempt a “Five minute Introduction the [...]

Hillary On War

Regular readers will know that my gut tells me that Hillary will be the next president even though my head knows perfectly well that many things stand between her and the White House. Her greatest advantage. being well known because of her time as First Lady, is also a great disadvantage because part of Bill’s [...]

World Domination

Even I am astonished at how much the western media are twisting the Pope’s recent words to stir up the Muslim street. Even though our primary media is a form of theater with roots going back to the Greeks, I sometimes forget the lengths to which the media will go to create drama. David Warren [...]

This one has to be the last. Next week, something entrely different – in the way of Lizards, that is.

Lizard delayed

Lizard will appear Tuesday due to technical difficulties.

Lizard at the Weekend

Well, not all introverts are so plagued in my experience.

Moving On

Like a lot of bloggers, I have increasingly come to distrust the MSM since 9/11 because bloggers regularly catch the gatekeepers cheating. The most recent serious example I am aware of is how CNN translated a statement by the Iraqi foreign minister. Omar at Iraq the Model being an Arabic speaker caught a mistranslation that [...]


Sorry for the lack of posts – I am fighting a lingering cold that makes my writing – well – suck. Wouldn’t want to impose it on anyone!