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The Golden Centre

I bought a computer in the mid eighties at the Golden Centre in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. It is a bunch of small shops – stalls really – on the second floor of an old building in Fuk Wa Street. If memory serves the computer I bought was an early IBM Clone with an [...]

Asus eee PC

I bought an Asus eee PC yesterday. What is special about the Asus eee PC is the form factor. It is really small. I have read umpteen reviews, many with good pictures showing the size – but it didn’t prepare me for how small it was when I saw it. Here it is with several [...]

The Little Town Time Forgot

I went to high school in the small Vermont town of Bellows Falls – there were just under 100 in our graduating class of 1960. Once an bustling railroad and paper town on the Connecticut river the town has only gotten sleepier since my time there. The last time I went through on the train [...]

The Chinese

The Chinese treatment of Tibet has always repelled me and puts an absolute limitation on any admiration I might have for the Communist regime in Beijing – no matter how capitalist and successful they become. It is therefore with feelings of considerable irony I find myself sympathizing with the Chinese over reports of the escalation [...]

Slow Cognition

In my last post I talked about hot and cold cognition. In this post I am going to talk about slow cognition, aging, weight lifting and the getting of wisdom. I was replacing a motor mount on my Holden Apollo, aka Toyota Camry. Specifically this thing: It is held at the bottom by three 14 [...]


Lizard having one of those moments of er…..self doubt…no doubt.


No Post today – sick beyond even thinking about it. Wednesday I hope.

Lizard got a bit mixed up, but never fear, he survived this approach to coping with the New Year.

Growing Pains at Yankeewombat

Yankeewombat is moving to a new server – Media Temple – and my son Julian of Exceler8ion has asked me to post this both at the old server and at the new one. At first it will come from the old server and then when he gets everything working properly it will come from the [...]

Server Change – Updated

Update – Apparently my old server may not be cutting off just yet so service may continue uninterrupted – check back later for my Wednesday post. Yankeewombat may be down for a few days – my son says up to five – so I wont post Wednesday 3 Jan or Friday 5 Jan unless the [...]