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Holy Cow – Windows 7

I’ve decided to start blogging here again with short posts, while putting my main blogging effort in at, former readers I will opine politically, but not this time. That said, I’ve been using Windows 7 since last night. I’m stunned at how good it is so far. It is beginning to show real integration [...]

Back in Oz

After a three month self imposed silence I’m back in Australia determined to stop long boring posts. Today at the bookstore I noticed this title: Get Pregnant Faster It made my day.


Walking in West Palm Beach in a mixed commerical district: big Winn-Dixie grocrery store, rail road tracks, freeway overpasses. Suddenly two good looking women are just to my right in front of a shop. One white, one black talking to each other. I must be hanving a good day because they look extra special nice. [...]

Chez Lives!

There is a new post up over at about Chez Pazienza who got fired by CNN for blogging! Otherwise Yankeewombat remains on vacation in Florida enjoying his grand kids and family.

Hong Kong

I have been on the road and hors de combat. The wireless at my son Julian’s in West Palm Beach works a treat so Yankeewombat is back. First stop was Hong Kong. Here is a brief impression: Hong Kong, which is now part of the People’s Republic of China, is much more like New York [...]

The Golden Centre

I bought a computer in the mid eighties at the Golden Centre in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. It is a bunch of small shops – stalls really – on the second floor of an old building in Fuk Wa Street. If memory serves the computer I bought was an early IBM Clone with an [...]

Obama II

Obama is still behind nationally but I am not sure that he is beaten. He looks like the future of the Democratic party to me and Hillary looks like the past. Her husband isn’t helping in that regard either. Jay Cost the HorseRace Blogger, the best analyst of polls I have ever encountered, isn’t calling [...]


At the end of a friendly exchange on the subject of conspiracy theory or ‘counterknowledge’ between Richard Landes and ShrinkWrapped which was started by Landes’ review of Counterknowledge by Damien Thompson there is the following commentary by Landes on the final paragraph of Shrinkwrapped’s post: (I’ve labeled who said what for clarity. Both quotes are [...]

Political Risk

Here is a different approach to assessing the situation in Iraq. It is a small part of a larger assessment of political risk around the world by Ian Bremmer entitled A Political-risk Outlook for 2008. He is a political scientist who makes his living advising Wall Street clients specifically on the political risk aspect of [...]

The Horse Race Blogger

As the extraordinary drama of the American elections approaches its first decisive moment, the February 5th or Super Tuesday primaries, I find myself once again turning to Jay Cost, the The Horse Race blogger. I believe he is the best technical analyst of both polling and the the candidate’s underlying strategies. Jay Cost, “is [to [...]